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New Chapter Capital is the leading provider of matrimonial funding solutions.

What is Divorce Funding?

  • Divorce Funding is a specialized funding product designed specifically for individuals involved in divorce proceedings. We provide funding for legal fees, and reasonable living expenses. Divorce Finance funds you a portion of your expected settlement, enabling you to engage qualified attorneys and experts for your case. 
  • Unlike banks or other finance companies, NCC will assess your eligibility based on your expected settlement from your divorce proceedings. Additionally, you are not required to demonstrate your ability to make monthly repayments. We help level the playing field for the non-monied spouse. 

Importantlyno repayments are required on the funding until the settlement  of your case.
How can Divorce Financing  Help?
Divorce is stressful. The legal process can be time consuming, frustrating and at times expensive. Financial disparity between a couple can put the non-earning spouse at a distinct disadvantage in the divorce process. Divorce Finance assists people involved in divorce cases to pay for qualified attorneys and other experts.
NCC provides a non-recourse cash advance of your settlement. The advance does not require monthly or other periodic repayments.
Divorce Finance is a specialist finance product that considers not only your current earnings and assets, but also those assets that you will likely receive as a result of your divorce.
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